What is Resource

Resource is a defineable type with set of restrictions created to make this type safe enough to represent digital assets. That being said, resource must meet the requirements for these assets: it cannot be copied nor can it be discarded or reused. We've already been through general description of its properties; let's see how these restrictions are implemented in the Move language.


Resource definition is similar to struct's:

module M {
    resource struct T {
        field: u8

Just like struct it can be defined only in the module and can be managed only by functions of its module. Resource in some sence is a special kind of struct, so all of the properties of struct are inherited by resource.

Resource restrictions

In code resource type has few main limitations:

  1. Resources is stored under account - therefore it exists only when assigned to account; and can only be accessed through this account;
  2. Account can hold only one resource of one type;
  3. Resource cannot be copied or duplicated; it is a special kind which differs from is not copyable - you've already seen it in generics chapter.
  4. Resource value must be used, which means that newly created resource must be moved to account. And resource moved from account must be destructured or stored under another account.

Enough theory, let's get to action!